Baby Refusing Breast

It might happen that a baby refuses the breast for a variety of reasons - separation at birth or traumatic birth, difficulty to extract milk due to special circumstances like low birth weight or muscular tone, presence of lip/tongue ties or other oral anatomical characteristics. Temporary breast refusals might also occur due to life events a family is going through.

This section collects information and advices to tackle these stressful situations and help you continue your breastfeeding journey.

It is always wise to seek competent help to diagnose the causes of a breast refusal. Anyway, whatever may be the reason why a baby is refusing to breastfeed, skin to skin contact is normally the first and foremost intervention to bring a baby back to the breast. In case there is an underlying anatomical difficulty to breastfeed, skin to skin remains the best complement and supportive intervention to any course of action or treatment decided.

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