'Myyum' is a baby word to indicate breastfeeding. It is not a simple demand for nutrition. Breastfeeding creates and perpetuates a special bond. It is thel expression and satisfaction of an emotional need of proximity, touch and comfort. It is a need of care and love.

Breastfeeding is about all this.

When a baby is born, a mother is born, too. Within this new entity made of two individuals, an entire code of communication is created. A language develops between mother and child - a language which is made of baby words that sometimes are understood just by those who live in close proximity to that child... A language which is often made of looks, caresses and non verbal experiences.

We chose the name 'Myyum' because it was invented by a child.

We wish to keep children and their mothers at the centre of our practice.

We trust and respect their instincts, their needs and their competence.

Myyum was born in response to the growing demand for breastfeeding and parenting support in India.

Myyum accompanies families from pregnancy to toddlerhood, through high quality lactation care and guidance to tackle parenting challenges -- infant feeding, sleep, first solids and weaning, educational choices...

We believe in the natural capacity of women to give birth, breastfeed and nurture their children.

We advocate for natural birth, breastfeeding and natural weaning/starting of solid food.

We support mothers, fathers and grandparents in the aquisition of their new roles, when a baby enters a family.

We provide advanced clinical lactation care in our Noida clinic and we offer lactation consultant home visits in several areas of Delhi/NCR. We reach India and the world with our online consultations.

Myyum was founded by Camilla (M.Ed., CCEd.-MIPA, IBCLC), mother of two lovely naughty kids who were born naturally, exclusively breastfed for at least six months, breastfed for so much longer than that (and tandem fed!) along with appropriate complementary foods .

She is an educationist and social worker. Her own motherhood experience, along with wonderful professionals met on her way fostered a deep passion that brought her to specialise as childbirth educator (MIPA, Italy) and certified lactation consultant (IBCLC).

Camilla has helped breastfeeding families since 2007. She offers breastfeeding support to families from her clinic in Noida area (NCR) as well as through home visits in Delhi/NCR. She regularly holds training programs on lactation for healthcare professionals , as well as workshops for parents.

She offer online clinical advice to mothers from all over India, whenever they cannot find direct support in their areas.

Her passion for writing and research made her author and co-autor of books on breastfeeding and child nutrition.