Breastfeeding Support

Being parents is part of the natural course of human beings's life. 
Yet, it doesn't come with an instruction manual.
Breastfeeding is the biological norm of infant feeding for us - mammals.
Yet, the nuclearisation of modern families doesn't make it easy: we become mothers, parents, without having seen too many babies breastfeed. Add to it the effects of the industrial era we are living in, with aggressive marketing by formula and bottle making companies and the hyper medicalisation of our society. Profit dominated health care services give far too little importance to keeping their personnel updated with good and reliable breastfeeding support skills  and current birth practices are not conducive to an easy breastfeeding start.
We too often hear of mothers facing  breastfeeding problems and people too often and too easily end up thinking that breastmilk might not be sufficient .
Bottle feeding has sadly become the norm for too many urban middle class mothers.

Indeed, cases of REAL incapacity to produce enough milk are extremely rare (less than 3% of the overal world women population!).
What we miss is the right help at the right time - besides a bit of patience, confidence and encouragement.
The last two generations have witnessed a loss of expertise in breastfeeding due to several sociological changes. 
Mothers face more and more breastfeeding challenges and find little or no reliable help to tackle them.
Wrong advices too often aggravate an initially small difficulty.

It is important to make sure that breastfeeding advice comes from a reliable and updated source, like a certified lactation consultant (IBCLC).

What is an IBCLC?

IBCLC stands for 'International Board Certified Lactation Consultant' (
An IBCLC is a healthcare professional who worked extensively to support and give clinical advice to breastfeeding mothers. 
IBCLC certification is granted upon passing a rigorous examination to demonstrate the candidate's knowledge and skills in caring for breastfeeding mothers and infants.
An IBCLC protects, promotes and supports breastfeeding. She povides relevant information, clinical help and guidance on breastfeeding.
She is prepared to train healthcare personnel on breastfeeding related topics.

Myyum offers skilled and reliable lactation support and educations in Noida and Delhi / NCR, India, through workshops, seminars and consultations with an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant.

What is a breastfeeding Consultation?

A breastfeeding consultation is an individual clinical consultation between a breastfeeding expert (lactation consultant or breastfeeding consultant) and  a mother who needs guidance to learn breastfeeding and/or is experiencing a specific breastfeeding problem. 

When do I need a breastfeeding consultation?
You may need a breastfeeding consultation if you had a special delivery (ex. cesarean delivery) and you are experiencing difficulties in starting breastfeeding. Sometimes individual circumstances can make the starting difficult even in case of a natural delivery.
You may be experiencing troubles in getting a good latch (i.e. optimal positioning of the baby's mouth on the breast while nursing), or you may be experiencing nipple or breast pain, breast infections, etc. Your baby's growth might be sub-optimal or slow and they might have told you that you have low milk supply.
You may need help to wean your baby off formula and get back to exclusive breastfeeding.
Specific circumstances may also require the help of a breastfeeding expert: breastfeeding twins or triplets, premature birth, maternal or child  illnesses, babies with a tongue and/or lip tie or other special oral functional/anotomical challenges, a new pregrancy while you are still breastfeeding your toddler or baby, breastfeeding an adopted child or a child born through surrogacy, or relactating (resuming breastfeeding after an interruption).
You may have doubts about the safety of a medication during breastfeeding.
You may need advice on how to gently introduce solids in your baby's diet or on how to soothe a baby which seems uneasy or never satisfied.
Colics? Reflux? Allergy? Sleepy? Tummy not full? There are so many doubts we face as new parents and so much information around us (sometimes conflicting), that sometimes we really do not know which advice to follow.
You may need advice on first solids and weaning.
You may be exhausted by your distruped sleep and need help to get yourself back together.
Sometimes all you really need is reassurance.

Whatever the case, seeing or talking to a lactation consultant normally helps.

Most breastfeeding problems can be solved, with a bit of PATIENCE and COMPETENT HELP.

Trust your body, breastfeeding is extremely beneficial for your child and for you and, when managed properly, it rarely fails: it has been estimated that only 3% of the world women population has a real physical incapacity to breastfeed! Little, no? All other cases of insuccess are due to mismanagement and lack of competent support.
A small issue can trigger bigger problems, if not tackled and this can undermine the success of your breastfeeding experience. Don't wait to ask for help.

What happens during a breastfeeding consultation?
During a breastfeeding consultation, a lactation consultant listens to your story, the story of your pregnancy and delivery and your present specific challenges. She will want to know about your breastfeeding routine and yours' and your baby's general health status.

She will then observe how yourbaby breastfeeds and, if needed, she will examine your breasts and/or your baby's mouth. 

She will then proceed to guide you to solve your specific problem, by teaching you how to correct the baby's latching or suggesting modifications in your breastfeeding routine or other specific measures.

Breastfeeding aids are rarely needed. 

A breastfeeding consultation is more than anything an empowering experience for the mother, where she receives both professional and emotional support.

A breastfeeding consultation lasts longer than a doctor's visit and it is an experience of care that includes but goes beyond medical care.

If you live in Delhi/NCR, you can contact us to schedule a face to face appointment with a certified lactation consultant.
If you live in an area where no reliable (certified) lactation consultant is available, you may want to consider contacting us for an easy and effective e-consultation trough Skype.