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Online Consultations - Reaching you all over India and the World

Technology helps us cross distances: if you can’t reach us and you do not have access to reliable local breastfeeding support, consider a consultation through Skype or other online platforms.

Many problems can be tackled through a simple video consult: all you need is a computer with Internet connection, a webcam and possibly someone who can help you move the camera while you concentrate on yourself and your baby.

It is quite easy and allows you to avail the best breastfeeding advice sitting comfortably at

 your home.


We suggest you to contact us for a preliminary discussion on the problem you are facing so we can decide together if Skype can be an appropriate place to meet and tackle your situation: +91 8860724460;

Skype is easy to use and it can be downloaded for free. If you haven't yet done it, here's a link to download it:               


What our clients think of our online consults...

"When I first approached Myyum for assistance, breastfeeding was a real struggle for me and my baby. Camilla diagnosed my son's tongue tie, educated us on the options for treatment and helped us to develop better latch technique, as well as coaching us through a range of breastfeeding positions. The Skype option for consultations was practical and convenient, and we appreciated the excellent follow-up by email and other online mediums. Throughout all of our communications, Camilla was supportive and completely non-judgemental. It's largely thanks to her that we've stuck with it and are still breastfeeding (much more successfully!) several months later.

Anna G".

"I was very tired feeding my 4 months old because he wouldn't gain the required weight. We had waited for 2 months already. My pediatrician, who is otherwise very supportive of breastfeeding, asked me to start formula. But I didn't want to. I got to know about Camilla from the Facebook breastfeeding support group.So I decided to Skype. And that has changed my perspective of breastfeeding. She gives you much than what you pay for. She helped me correct my baby's latch and wow! He started gaining weight. I cannot believe that latching can cause weight issues. The best part is she kept messaging me after the session and kept replying whenever I needed any help. Sent me a lot of links for extra information. Am a happy mom. All you have to do is press the videocall option on Skype, as good as being there. Thank you lovely lady!!!


"Being a parent for the first time brings a bundle of joy but it also brings responsibility, anxiety,and a lot of 'first times'. After all you want the best for your child... But the gap between the theoretical knowledge and practical experience only widens once you 'get started'... You are tempted to give in to the 'easy way'... But then an angel like Camilla comes, and suddenly everything starts making space.

Really, Camilla you have been an Angel to us. I will admit that I am a bit of an obsessive father and untill I do my full research on everything it's hard for me to rest in peace (yeah, my family calls me Babypedia!)... But my expertise failed too when my wife faced problems with breastfeeding. Your timely help, the ease and patience with which you explained everything is commendable! And all this through SKYPE!! that's the best use of electronic media we have ever experienced - and so efficient that we never felt that we haven't met you!

You are not just a great doctor but a compassionate human being too. We will be grateful for all the help you extended to us during that time. Thanks to you, my wife is able to breastfeed our child even now after 8 months. In our little way, by adopting this simple measure, we have ensured a healthier future for our child... Truly a Mother's milk is a strong ingredient for a child's growth.

A big thank you for everything!! :)


Simar and Jasmine"